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About us

We are a group of concerned fishers who want to maximize the potential for both quantity and quality of our fish populations.  Our main focus is trout, but these guidelines can be applied to all fish.  We do not oppose fish harvest.  This is an educational project to help folks release fish properly should they decide to do so.  We believe if enough fish are returned to the water with no permanent harm the fishery will benefit, particularly populations of bigger fish.   

Today, according to what field work exists, more and more fishers are releasing at least part of their catch.  In some cases, our fly fishing sport being one of them, catch and release has become the norm.  This approach has spawned a firestorm of controversy in some circles.  People who like to keep fish felt as though they were being singled out for doing something wrong.  Many fisheries biologists claimed that catch and release fishing does not help the fishery and might even hurt it.  Some research supports that position, but not all of it, maybe not even the majority.  We will endeavor to provide pdfs of studies when we can get them and links to web archives as well as other websites concerning C & R.  It will be up to you to decide what to believe.

In the final analysis, ones practice of catch and release is a personal matter.  There are plenty of organizations and associations that advocate the philosophy.  We will leave it to them to promote it.  Our purpose is to provide the best tools for success if one decides to release their catch to live and fight another day.

Thomas Buhr

Au Sable Big Water Preservation Association