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This is a selected bibliography of studies on catch and release practices.  Each of them can be downloaded.  We will update as more information becomes available.

Arlinghaus - This is the most comprehensive review of catch and release science, history and philosophy that we have discovered.  Everyone who is the least bit interested in the practice should read it.

Ontario Catch & Release Guidelines
- The province of Ontario has studied the effects of various fishing practices on fish survival. 

Injury and Mortality Induced by Four Hook Types on Bluegill and Pumpkinseed - This study looks at the effectiveness of circle hooks on injury and survival of two popular panfish.

Animal Welfare Perspectives on Recreational Angling - This is a C&R perspective from an animal rights perspective.

Remote Monitoring of Heart Rate as a Measure of Recovery in Angled Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar (L.) -  Atlantics are a very popular game-fish, but can they benefit from C&R?

Pathology Associated With Retained Fishing Hooks in Blue Sharks, Prionace glauca (L.), With Implications for Their Conservation - While this is about sharks and is only an initial study, it offers some grist for the discussion of hook retention in all species.

The Fate of Fish Released by Recreational Anglers - A great review of C&R findings.

Effects of Landing Net Mesh Type on Injury and Mortality in a Freshwater Recreational Fishery
- Necessary reading.

Effect of Catch-And-Release Angling on Growth and Survival of Rainbow Trout, Oncarhynchus mykiss - Rainbows matter on the Big Water and other places