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Unlike many fishing related websites we are not concerned with simple pictures of trophies.  Instead, we are looking for fish that have been caught twice.  Most of these will be big fish because few of us just take pictures of the smaller ones.  Of course this will be on the honor system, and some will never believe the evidence.  (Truth is that I was stunned when I realized that I had caught the same 20 inch trout - just two days apart!  The spots on the gill plates are close to a fingerprint.  Add in identical size, same sex, and, usually, same location and you likely have the same fish.  Many of these fish also feed and fight the same way.

These pictures provide anecdotal evidence that fish can live to fight another day - even when they are older - and that other day can literally be a day or two later.  We welcome submissions of any fish caught twice.  All of it is on an honor system

This brown trout, nick-named "Dumb Head" was caught twice in 48 hours (4/26/2010 - 4/28/2010) on the same fly pattern.  It was this fish that started my investigation into "double catches."  The first time I caught this fish he got out of the net and broke off while I was trying to remove the fly - a Lady Beaverkill.  Two days later, about 20 yards up from where I'd hooked him on that Monday, he ate another Lady Beaverkill pattern.  I found the original inside his upper lip.  After removing both hooks I lectured him on not being a very smart fish and sent him on his way.  My sense at the time was that Ol' Dumbhead would not be long for this world.  Check out the photos below.

The trout on the left was caught on 5/10/2011.  The one on the right was caught on 5/18/2011.  Both in the same exact spot, feed pattern, fight pattern, sex and size.  Although the first one is at a greater distance from the camera, they are very likely the same fish.  There are two interesting things about this trout.  First, the May 10th fish was bleeding, not from a gill but from the hook wound on the inside corner of the mouth.  I was worried it would not survive.  It was released in 57 degree water so that helped.  The second is to compare the 2011 trout to "Dumb Head" above.  Is this the same fish again?  Notice the pentagon of spots around the blue spot.  It was caught in the same exact spot in three of the four instances.  In all four it was within 20 yards.  Has this trout been caught twice each May for the last two years?  It was 20 inches in 2010, and 21 in 2011.  Would it only grow an inch in a year?  Or does this suggest that spot patterns for browns are more identical than I thought?

This fish was caught roughly 50 weeks apart by clients of Kelly Neuman (989.848.5983/Go To Streamside).  Who says big trout can't live to ripe ages? 

Kelly caught this one 14 months apart!  (989.848.5983/ Go To Streamside)

This one is known as the Peterson Trout.  Brothers Eric and Adam Peterson caught him just two weeks apart.  A client sent Kelly a picture of the same trout only he caught it a year before!  All three occurred in the same spot!!!